Each of the galleries within the Saatchi Gallery have their own theme, and will take visitors on an exciting journey through the superyacht world and beyond.


Raise awareness for protecting our world oceans. Support research and generate funds for companies who are protecting the ocean. Show that the yachting industry is behind supporting the Oceans.


Our Magic Gallery focuses on the stages of concept planning and design, capturing the spirit of how owners have the ability to create just about anything they can think of.


This Gallery will take the visitor through the ins and outs of bespoke, a definition which describes almost everything in the superyacht world.


The industry is constantly delivering new products and features onboard some of the world’s most advanced superyachts and this Gallery will shine the light on the science needed to keep ahead in time.


In the superyacht world it is a designers fantasy to impact the user through bold designs. Fantasy creates every time new visions on interior and exterior elements of a superyacht.


Wind is an important element of yachting. Wind can be seen as a form of energy, a cool breeze or a storm. Sailing yachts use wind to perform and to cruise the oceans. A superyacht journey will not start without knowing what the wind will do.


The factory is the place where designs are changed to reality. The best craftsmen in the world combine their skills to create the most beautiful superyachts.


Grande stands for; big, great, high, important, grand, massive, wonderful, imposing and impressive. In this gallery the visitors will be taken on a journey a long all grande in the superyacht world.