Each of the galleries within the Saatchi Gallery have their own theme, and will take visitors on an exciting journey through the superyacht world and beyond. The ground floor will begin with the beginning, introducing visitors to the world of yachting and explaining how the impressive vessels we see sailing the Seven Seas are born from just a sketch on a blank piece of paper. The second floor explores the superyacht lifestyle, taking visitors around the world and showcasing what unique experiences owning or chartering a superyacht can really offer.


Powered by London-based brokerage giant, Edmiston, the first Gallery explains the Business of Yachting, providing a comprehensive introduction to the key facts and figures of the superyacht industry.


Our Imagination Gallery focuses on the early stages of concept planning and design, capturing the spirit of how owners have the ability to create just about anything they can think of. The Gallery will house some of the most imaginative projects to date.


This Gallery will take the visitor through the ins and outs of what it takes to build a superyacht: from engineering, all the way through to delivery to the owner, and everything in between. The people who build these yachts play an important role in the process, something of which visitors to the Craftsmanship Gallery will have the opportunity to discover in depth.


The industry is constantly delivering new products and features onboard some of the world’s most advanced superyachts and this Gallery will shine the light on all elements in this process – from design to construction and onboard features.


Exploration is entirely focused on the owners and the vessels who explore the world. We look at what is regarded today as an explorer yacht through various concepts presented by our prestigious Partners and look at some of the most breathtaking destinations where superyachts have ventured to.


This Gallery will give visitors a real-life indication of what life onboard a superyacht is like by revealing the morning to midnight lifestyle that can be enjoyed from your yacht. We have partnered with companies who make life aboard a care-free and luxurious experience like no other place on earth.


Visitors will get a real sense of the raw power and engineering that are behind these vessels and its various uses in the Performance Gallery. From sailing yacht regattas, Monaco to St Tropez blasters and non-stop world circumnavigators, the performance of each yacht is unique and we celebrate this in this dedicated Gallery.